Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Slacker

Wow, I wonder if anyone will read this post, it has been way to long since I posted anything! A lot has been going on. Brilee has almost finished her first year of preschool, she has loved every second of it. She also has been doing gymnastics, it was a rough start, she fought going and cried, but the teachers encouraged me to keep bringing her, so I did, and now she runs to class because she is so excited!

Karlee is getting so big, and is a talker, and she is still so snuggly, I love it! She just loves hanging out with her big sister and tries to do everything Brilee does.

Brian and I had an awesome opportunity to be tour guides for the Kansas City Temple open house, it was a little frightening, but such a testimony building experience. Then we got to take the girls through to see the temple, which was also a great experience.

Brian has finished law school!!!! I am so proud of him for his hard work for these last 3 years. Now we get to move back to Utah and be closer to family. Brian has a job starting up his own practice/ with some great lawyers to mentor him. We move in a week, man I hate packing!! We will be renting for a while til we figure out where we want to be. I am just soooo glad to be done with school.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Karlee Turns 1!

I get crazy ideas in my head for birthdays, and then I just realize how crazy they are when I am in the middle of making my ideas come true. I did a cupcake/sweet shop theme. I made cupcakes like the ones off of that cupcake wars t.v series, made cupcake stands and had little to go boxes for people to take home cupcakes. I also wanted a candy bar where all the kids could fill up there own candy bin to take home. It turned out really cute and we all had a great time.

Summer Re-Cap

Brilee as a flower girl at her Aunt Kelsey's Wedding
I Turned the big 27!!
Brian took me Paragliding for my birthday, it was one of
the funnest things I have ever done!!

Karlee wouldn't let go of this bear from M&M Factory in
Las Vegas, she held it like that for like an hour.

Me and my mom and sisters heading out for a night on the town.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Silly Little Girls!

Brilee has been doing a ton of art projects lately,
this one is by far her most creative, she was snacking
on cheetos, and she decided to make them a part of her
art, and she glued them on, to cute!
After eating a chocolate cone :)
She thinks she is getting so big!

Brilee climbed in all by herself to talk to Karlee in the
morning, they are such sweet sisters.

This is the first thing Brilee saw at the
Bass Pro Shop, she just loved it.

I love having two girls, they are so stinkin cute and fun. Brilee is such a great big sister, and she is always making sure Karlee has a toy to keep her happy!

Birthday Boy!!

On our spring break we celebrated my wonderful husbands Birthday, he turned the big 28! He spent half the day fishing, then we went to dinner, and had cake and ice cream. I love my hubby he is such a great man, and so fun to hang out with, and he is a fabulous Daddy!

Spring Break!!

Brilee absolutely LOVED swimming!
Cute little Bubba Girl :)
Can't get enough of that little face!

Beautiful Resort we got to enjoy!!

This spring break we decided to go to Branson Missouri for a week, we were able to get a condo at a fabulous resort for a great deal. We had a blast swimming and soaking up the sun. We also got to go to a show in Branson, we went to Acrobats of China, they were amazing.

Visit from my sister!!!

My sweet sister and her husband were willing to drive all the way to Topeka!! It was so good to see family, we had a great time. We visited the Harley Davidson factory and took a tour of how they made the motorcycles, went to the zoo, the park, and ate at some delicious places! Thanks for visit!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I CAN do Crafts!!

So my wonderful friend Stephanie helped me learn how to make these cute little hair clips. It was so much fun, and I think they turned out super cute, and Brilee loves wearing them. Now I have confidence that I might be able to do more crafty things :)

Beautiful Girls!

Eating solids, yummy!

Two thumb suckers!! Oh no!!
Pretty Blue Eyes!!
I couldn't resist putting her in this little toy stroller.
WARNING: Do not try this at home!!

I am so blessed to have two beautiful little girls. They are so much fun, and they interact together so well. It is so crazy to see how fast time goes by.

Valentines Day!

This year for valentines I had Brilee help me pick out decorations and help decorate, and we ordered food and had a little family party. It was fun to hang out with our little fam. Brian got me some beautiful flowers, what a great hubby I have!!